Friday, 16 September 2011

Culture Night @ The Complex with Mob Fandango

From 5pm The Complex Gallery welcome ‘Shul’ a group mixed media exhibition featuring Roger O’Neill, Paul Hickey, Judy Foley and Jane Locke.

From 8pm The Complex Main Space will host an evening of musical entertainment with headlining soul and funk fusion act Mob Fandango.


Winners of 2009's Rising Stars Competition and headliners of 2010's prestigious Soul Festival, Mob Fandango are a breath of fresh air to the Irish music scene. The Mob specialise in soul, funk, roots and reggae. In these times of economic doom & gloom, the Mob are here to emphasise the more important things in life. Featuring four vocalists and a gorgeous brass section, this band specialise in upbeat, danceable grooves. Check out Mob Fandango's debut E.P. - 'Dig' on bandcamp -


“Emptiness is the track on which the centred person moves,” said a Tibetan
sage six hundred years ago, and the book where I found this edict followed it
with an explanation of the word “track” in Tibetan; shul, “a mark that remains
after that which has made it has passed by – a footprint, for example. In other contexts, shul is used to describe the scarred hollow in the ground where a house once stood, the channel worn through rock where a river runs in flood, the indentation on the grass where an animal slept last night. All of these are shul: the impression of something that used to be there.”

From “A Field Guide to Getting Lost” by Rebecca Solnitt

Working from this text as a starting point, a group of four artists have initiated a series of creative sessions to explore the concept of shul and how it sits within their art practices. Over the course of several months a body of work is emerging, the result of which will be reflected in an exhibition at The Complex in Smithfield.

Artists exhibiting are: Judy Foley, Paul Hickey, Jane Locke and Roger O’Neill.

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